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    Nu Look Landscape Service, LLC is a landscape company offering many services to keep your plants healthy and happy! Lawn maintenance is one of our top requests, and we can mow lawns, remove weeds, and clean up the edges.
    We also offer tree trimming services to keep your plants from getting unruly. Our landscape designer can help you create an attractive, logical layout for your yard, including features like walls or patios.
    Commercial landscaping makes a positive impression on customers, and our staff can help you maintain trees, flowerbeds, and grass. Call today for an appointment in the Richmond, VA area!

Our Services

Lawn Maintenance

Lawn maintenance is one of our specialties! An experienced gardener can trim your lawn, clean up the edges, and remove weeds. We provide irrigation system service to ensure that your sprinklers are working properly so they can keep your grass green. Our lawn care service goes beyond the basics of mowing and watering, however. We can also add fertilizer, install mulch, and use many other techniques to keep your lawn in the best condition possible.

Tree Trimming Services

Tree trimming services are essential for keeping your trees healthy. We can trim away diseased areas and prevent branches from getting too long. If you have unwanted trees on your property, you can hire us for tree removal. We work quickly and safely to cut down trees. We also offer brush removal services. During brush care, we'll remove unwanted vegetation from your yard.

Landscape Designer

Our team includes an accomplished landscape designer who can help you plan your garden layout, including additions like sprinkler installation that can simplify lawn maintenance. We also offer deck builder services to create an attractive outdoor space for your yard. As your masonry contractor, we can build retaining walls, install pavers, and more. Our designer can plan commercial landscaping spaces as well!

Commercial Landscaping

Nu Look Landscape Service, LLC offers commercial landscaping to keep your lawn neat. We provide turf care such as aeration, mowing, and fertilizing. An expert landscaper can tend to your flower beds and other plants. Regular maintenance will do wonders for your landscaping. Contact us today for dependable landscaping services in the Richmond, VA area!



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